A Short Encounter with an Acute Spotlight Addict

April 2013 was the beginning of my encounter with this creature (“creature” because it’s just too disgusting to even consider it as a person). I was quite thankful to it when it hired me at the time, because I was truly looking forward to working at the institution. That creature seemed like an ordinary person, with some indications that reminded me of some of my lecturers (I am SO sorry that I had even thought that way! ūüė• ), but apparently those indications were actually symptoms of its illness.

My first week was full of indoctrination from that creature. It tried to drag me to its side so I could be its “person”. Thank God, I believed my instinct that there was something wrong with that creature. I didn’t know what was it at the time, but now I understand. Anyway, I remember the first time I realized that it was a freakish creature was the time when I (kind of) dressed up (a bit), with a bit of make up here and there, and I took off my glasses, replacing them with contacts. That time, the creature stared at me with a disgusting look (the look of an otaku when he stares at kawaii sexy girls).

It REALLY crept me out! The stare gave a chill on my neck and all my female defense instincts were on and told me to just run.

Okay I was being totally imaginative, but I seriously did frightened by the stare.

And what crept me out even more was that before I decided to kind of dress up a little bit, the creature REQUIRED me as the boss to do so. The creature said that as the Public Relations officials, I have to groom well and look well.

Yea, right. Look what happened when I did.

I discussed this with my co-worker and that was when my co-worker surprised me with the fact that apparently the creature had “a thing with oriental women”, especially the ones that look a little bit attractive.


If that’s the case, I had to be really prepared and stay the hell away from that creature. Or else, there would be a time when I had to sue it for sexual harassment.


Even the thought of that made me wanted to hurl.

Anyway, that was just a start. Or at least that was when I decided to stay away from it personally. Professionally, well, up to that point, I had always managed to separate my personal/professional business with people that I worked with. I had really hoped that I had to do so too with the creature.

But I failed. Big time.

Not because I was not able to separate the personal/professional cases.

Because it was just impossible to be separated.

Personally, the creature was a freak. Now, professionally…nothing.

I mean, seriously nothing.

It didn’t even know anything regarding the position it held. Everything it did was based on “looking up on google”. One time it told me to make a press release for the graduation ceremony, and when I asked for an example made the previous year, it didn’t even know. So it told me to find an example on google.

Yea, right.

It didn’t even knew how to tag a name in Facebook without inserting the “@” symbol. Yet, on the creature’s twitter and Facebook, it claimed to be a “social media specialist”.


Okay, When you’re a “specialist” when all you know was how to tweet and post, then Matk Zuckerberg is God.

Several months passed, and I started to realize that the creature was not as good as it had claimed to be. All it knew was only management theories from books (of course! you can just take it from any book and memorize it!), with ZERO ability and ZILCH capability. It once claimed that it was a leader that depended on the subordinates.

By claiming to be one, it only proved that it knew NOTHING about leadership.

You want proof? Once it forced its subordinates to work late at night with it because the deadline was the day after, and all it did was criticize and made us worked even slower. There were 2 great graphic designers on my team, whose designs were awesome! Yet, when they were doing their job, it kept disturbing them, criticizing them, asking them to change the design according to its extremely terrible taste.

You cannot imagine how embarrassed I was when someone came to me after the magazine was published and said that the cover was weird. So I said to the person, “Tell that to that freak.”¬†Don’t worry, that person knew what I meant when I said that.

The other time, because it knew nothing about its job, it asked me and my colleague (A) what the most appropriate position for A was. I said that because he was responsible for every little thing in the creation process of the magazine, and he managed everything in it, and he was also responsible for the design and the designers, he was supposed to be the Editor in Chief. And because the creature was only supervising and did not take part AT ALL with ANY PROCESS of that magazine, it would be the supervisor.

We agreed.

Let me repeat. We AGREED. All of us.

Then it came to us one day and said, “Because I have a personal business with this magazine, so I’m still gonna be the Editor in Chief. This magazine holds 10 points for my academic position (that affects the salary, of course), so you (A) are gonna be the Managing Editor. Don’t worry. If everything goes well, I’ll treat you guys anything you want to eat.”

Hahaha, Go to hell. Just eat your own crap and let us watch

So, you’re wondering why such a freak creature managed to be the head of Public Relations?

Well, I’d say…if we could say that it was good at one thing, it would be….KISSING ASSES.

It was just kissing the right ass. That’s why it managed to be in that position.¬†It was so good at kissing that particular ass, that I believed it was willing to even lick and clean the asshole to the inside.


Now, what’s the correlations with “an acute spotlight addict”? Okay, let me tell you a story.

There was once a boy who was nothing. He liked to be the center of attention, but unfortunately, nobody even knew his existence. He was so desperate for that attention that nobody even cared about, that one day he created multiple Facebook account with different names, and connected them so they’re relating with each other and commenting each other;s posts, especially his. To make it more realistic, he connected two of them as a couple.

Now, because he was studying at the same institution he was working (until now), and he was a part of the early generations, there were not many students at the time, and he was a part of the institution’s program, so at some point, finally somebody noticed him. He was then working under his wing. After that, maybe because his boss was a lecturer, or maybe because he adored him so very much (I dunno how) he then realized that the attention he once so desired would be his if he could have that one particular position: a Lecturer.

And so he did.

That boy became a lecturer who is crazy for credits and honor, that he finally became “the creature”.

And it insulted me, big time, that a creature like that was acknowledged to be a lecturer just because it had a Master tittle, and it was kissing the right ass. It was a lecturer’s job to prevent the students from getting anywhere near the sin called plagiarism,¬†while it was doing it at the same time, It claimed the position that was not its, while doing nothing to support it. Worse, it used the ideas (that were mostly proposed by me) for the institution’s magazine, for its personal own project for a bigger company, claiming that it was its idea.


Its thirst for acknowledgement was so huge that after it claimed someone else’s position, and after ALL OF US agreed that we would not insert any picture of the team on the magazine, it stealthily insisted and told the photographer to insert its picture on the first page.

The reason? Because of the so-called “personal business” and because Go Girl did that.

Go Girl! yea that one. The fashion magazine. The one that it referred to, every time my team were working for our educational magazine.

I really had to get away from that sickening environment. So I told the bigger boss that it was either I moved to the other department, or I resigned.

Unfortunately, they had the conversation about this at their house personally, and I was so disappointed because it was so unprofessional. The bigger boss asked the creature to solve the problem itself, and with no further ado, it called me and at the end of the debate, it gave me Warning Letter 1, with a CC to the HRD and my bigger boss.

It didn’t even know that only HRD had the right to make an official warning letter.

Finally, my time with that sickening creature is over and I am very, VERY grateful.

Never EVER depend your fate to others because we don’t know what happens tomorrow. Life is like a roller coaster, they said. So when we’re depending our fate to someone else’s, when that person’s roller coaster breaks, we’ll get dragged to the ground.

Lesson learned.

Cindy “Zee” Alvionita
March 14, 2014

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