The Reason I Consider Jokowi is not yet Ready to be a President

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is lately mentioned to be one of the candidates for the Presidential Election 2014.There are so many indications emerged these days that the Indonesian Democracy Party – Struggle (PDI-P) is considering Jokowi to be their presidential candidate.

Well, I’m not gonna lie. If they do, there’s a chance that I might vote for him.

IF he really becomes a presidential candidate, and no other candidates is worthy enough to get the votes.

I am very impressed by the Jokowi – Ahok duet, that becomes a pioneer in taking so many problems in (Indonesia that is concentrated in..)Jakarta seriously. They’re taking them seriously and they’re handling them seriously. (Unlike someone who can only take them seriously, and claiming that he’s taking them seriously, but shows NOTHING in action.) Jokowi and Ahok have been in duty for only a year and they managed to show significance progress in repairing Indonesia’s capital city.

But then again, how big is the power of a couple? I mean, seriously if you take a look at how it is going on in Jakarta, you’ll find out that, even though they know how tough and strict their bosses are, Jakarta’s civilians, especially the civil servants,  still behave like dirty uncivilized people. And frankly, until the time I am writing this post, Jokowi-Ahok still can’t control their uncivilized underlings.

THAT is for Jakarta ONLY.

“It’s only been a year! How do you expect someone to heal Jakarta that fast?”

Exactly! You can’t. That’s why they have to be there in full term: 5 years.

And FYI, it’s not heal. It’s revive.

Jakarta is not like a broken bone that will heal with time. For me, Jakarta (and Indonesia in general) is like a tomato garden, filled with rotten tomatoes.

And how do you expect to heal rotten tomatoes?

You don’t.

You find the pest, exterminate the pest, cut the rotten tomatoes, and throw it away.

But they have not yet had the heart to do that.

That is why for me, if they can’t do so for Jakarta. They have not yet had the ability and the capability to handle the big fat rotten tomatoes that are filling this country.

Not yet.

And I would rather wait for those ability and capability to level up and up and up, until they’re strong enough to kick those rotten asses of the legislative members (or any rotten tomatoes).

Let’s take an example. When you’re working in a company and you show great progress as a supervisor, you will get a promotion to sit on the Manager’s chair. Now, it does take some time to see whether you are capable enough to handle your current position, and whether you can show more progress and achievement, before you get another promotion as the CEO.

Megawati herself said,

“My father was a leader first before he became the president, and being a true leader takes time.”

So no. I don’t think that this election is the right time for him to be our president.

There’s also the vow he had taken when he was inaugurated as the governor. 5 years. Breaking the vow and resigning from the position before the end of his term only feels like he’s doing things half-heartedly.

People might argue that by far, he’s the best candidate that we have. It’s better to have half-skilled leader than a no-skilled at all.

I don’t think so. There are some other candidates who are as good as he is. He just has all those cameras pointing at him right now, that’s why he seems to be the only option left. Look harder. Google some names and you’ll find some other candidates who are as worthy as he is: Anies Baswedan (I LOVE this guy), Mahfud MD, Dahlan Iskan, etc.

Find the names, and research their backgrounds and track records before you decide who to vote. Do NOT just pick someone because they SEEM popular or because they’re the only ones you know, or because you’ve seen them a lot on TV. Look up their names on the internet and find their white/black records. That way we will have a proper presidential election.

But then again, IF in the end the party choose to have him as their candidate, and those other great people were not on the election paper. I will have no choice but to vote for him.

Happy presidential election 2014. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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