Words of Apology

I Love Thee
I love somebody else
And aside from her,
I want no one else

I’m sorry,
It had to be this way
But I just couldn’t let my love to her

In the midst of the beauty
Of the 2002 play
Thee looked at me happily
When I say:
“Treasuring thee
I may”

But now everything has been locked
When all lines of blood
Has been blocked
With clot

And although for her it’s not
Her blood
Is my blood
I’ve tied it with a solid knot

I’m just sorry that
In here with us
Thee just can not

Cindy “Zee”
Jan 24, 2011

The Queen

and nosy
she is always noisy
as if everybody is her accessory

In the crowd
she pretends to be the “God”
enjoying the adoration
that she could never be able to live without

At the top,
As those people think she’s the “God”
behind the mirror
there’s only horror

Poker face
That is the very best thing in her base
spreading the fake smile
which only lasts for a while

And deep down in her wood
the only she cares about
is her own route
and food


Nov 29, 2010
Angela Cindy Alvionita
…or Zee.

The Witch

Even colder than ice
Even though her mind
Seems to be so blind

Not even close to nature
But she feels so sure
That she’s gorgeous even more

Her feeling
She claims I was stealing
The guy she was loving
Which in fact a kind of my sibling

At last, for she in the community
Suffers me is a kind of witty
Although I’m already not good enough
Seems for her that it isn’t at all rough


Nov 27, 2010
Angela Cindy Alvionita
…or Zee.

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