Persuasion (self owned version)

Okay. If you think that what I meant by Persuasion here was Jane Austen’s and that I would point myself as the character. Nah, u’re wrong.

Though someday I might do that.
Ah, not until I got that desperate to get my true love.
Oh, not that I believe that true love exists.
Aawww, okaaay. I do believe in true love.

What the.. Kenapa malah ngomongin ini sih??

Geez, I started mumbling again.

Awwkay! Back to the point. What I meant by Persuasion here is the power to make sth or someone do what u told them to do. In this case, the third party is a single person. Me. And the subject who has the power are…


Dammit. They really do have that power over me. Oh, those powers.

First, it’s about the language. It is absolute, and I did plan to overpower that, and I currently am trying, but I haven’t been able to do that yet, so yea, it is troubling.

It does have like, positive sides. So for example, after I finished watching western movies, I will definitely speak more fluently than before. With better accent, better pronunciation, and better idioms and vocabularies. Well, I’m an English Department students after all, so I guess that would be a very good chance to broaden my knowledge in English.

But here’s the problem! For example again:

Tomorrow I gotta do some presentations, and today I watched, say, a series of anime. What will happen tomorrow is, instead of speaking English, words that come out when I’m mumbling will be in japanese.

Seriously!! That happens!!

I did learn japanese for one month when I was in middle school. The rest of it, I’ve been learning by myself. Yea, through those animes and mangas. And it did work for me. I’ve managed to master some conversational sentences. That is reeeally fun when I’m in some kind of holidays, cause it won’t disturb my college thingy.

Then, I watched taiwanese movies, and then I would start mumbling in mandarin, which I had never learned officially before, but because I watched so many taiwanese movies, I started to understand what some words mean.

This circle always happens. Circling..and circling..and circling.

Sometimes it’s fun. But sometimes it’s tiring. Like when I just finished watching some animes, and then suddenly I was required to use my English, and I became like those newbies. Which I wasn’t, and that was frustrating. And humiliating.

So, for some times, especially some important presentation (read: ALL presentations), to make sure that I won’t mess up the following day, what I do is I will watch A LOT of western movies. Aaaand, it worked. 😀

Until now, some people just still don’t understand why at some points I just won’t speak English too much. That is probably because I’ve watched too many animes. Hahahaha..

I never consider that as a bad thing though. Or else, I won’t be able to understand japanese at all. Or mandarin. Hahahahaa..

Apparently, this weird thing only happens to me (as far as I know). Because some of my friends that have experienced similar things, never reached the point where they became quite speechless and lost of words. Which I did. And that was killing me of course.

Oh well, I still can figure some ways out to help myself anyway, so I guess ot won’t be too much problems.

The worst is the second impact of movies.

It’s stereotyping.

I dunno whether this kind of thing happens to you or not, but somehow, I believe that some movies were made based on the culture of where those movies were produced.

So, like, how Americans are very used to add some sarcasms in their jokes. How English gentlemen are said to be very gentle and polite. How Japanese are said to be even more polite and respectful towards their ancient traditions and cultures. How Americans use expressions like “Nah,” or “Kiddin'” or “Bro” or “Pals”. How English prefer “Bloody hell” as their swearing words instead of saying “shit” or “crap” which what Americans used as theirs. How Japanese often use “Oooi!” for their calling to their close friends, and how they become very expressive at some times. And how Taiwanese use “Wei!” for the same use as Japanese’s “ooi”.

See? There are some cultures reflected behind those movies, indeed.

It’s just that at some points, like Indonesian sinetron(s) do, dramas were added too much in those movies, and some of them might be deviating the culture itself. (Hmmm, I forget the precise examples, I’ll give u later when I watch things like that.) So, that is where movies are said to be poisoning the audience. Because too much drama were added and it gives bad impression towards a certain side.

I was once believing on that too (that almost all things in a movie reflect its origin), but then I realized that some things were only made up for amusement purpose. Fortunately, I managed to understand and started to do some selections.

I really hope that if apparently this kind of thing happens to you too, u’ll start considering what I told you here. Some things just don’t appear to be like how they appear. There’s always deeper meaning in that.

Oh well, it’s already midnight and if I don’t stop, I’ll start to mumble and mumble.

Now that I re-read this post, it just seems not quite coherence doesn’t it?

Well, what I’m trying to saya here is the persuasive powers of movies are just too high nowadays. So we gotta be very careful not to be driven off of road by them.

Good night, wordpress’ tweeps.. I wish u all a good night sleep.. 😀


Emmmm, Jane Austen..? Lolz.. 😀

Mumble-mumble #1


What the hell is wrong with me???

I started to lose myself and I’m confused. It’s like I’m walking on a very thin wire that could break anytime, and I’m really afraid of that.

But then, I’m being VERY careful that I don’t even dare to take any step. Everyone keeps saying to me that everything is alright and that I really have to take the steps. They’re frustrated that I still don’t do anything.

I am frustrated about that too.

That’s why I always make mistakes. I’m losing myself. I began wondering which one is the right thing. Which part that I should and shouldn’t do. Then, which part that I should’ve and I should not have done.

I dunno what’s happening to me. I DID pass my puberty and that was A LOT easier than these things.

I’m wondering, have I started going crazy? That may be possible but it’s just gonna be so pathetic. REALLY pathetic. To not be able to stand only because of this?? What a pathetic weakling!!

Oh, gosh! What’s happening to me????



Sometimes when everything just doesn’t …

Sometimes when everything just doesn’t feel right, all you have to do is just stay quiet..

I keep changing my blog and yet keep pub…

I keep changing my blog and yet keep publish the new one. Duh! How stupid! How are you supposed to hide yourself???? swt…


When you live in an “abnormal” living society, definitely it will affect your personality and change it into something…different. That is what’s happening with me. I’m living with someone who REALLY has something wrong with her brain that she only cares about herself and her life.

I think it was two days ago when we ran into her friend and had some conversation. That time i REALLY remember her saying: “I really don’t like to update myself for something that is out of my reach. I realize that I’m not that smart, that’s why I better live like this. I don’t like and I don’t want to.”

And I was like DUH! Then why don’t you listen to others’ statements or opinion instead???

I remember she was mumbling about how not nice it was to be a doctor in Indonesia nowadays. She kept criticizing all doctors without even considering her friend’s son–which was there too–who already told us that he really wanted to be a doctor, and I still remember clearly his not-agree-yet-can’t-do-anything face and I felt really ashamed.

However, now that I recall again, that was something that i keep doing lately. I don’t know anything and yet i keep saying that I know in order to not lose my face. I generalize everything like i really know about them.

Okay. See how enormous my pride?? Even admitting this mistake makes me almost cry. Never mind. I really don’t care about my alter ego right now.

A person who i admire the most said to me that he really concerned about me and my narrow-mindedness. He said that I really had to change to get a better life. I know that and I realize that very clearly without anybody repeating those words. I know that and I do want to change. Else, I wouldn’t have made this kind of post.

But you know, changing while living with that kind of person is really not an easy thing. I don’t have anyone that can help me so I gotta do it myself, and this is how being a melancholic cancer sucks the most. You keep thinking what the good and bad is. You keep thinking which one suits you better. It’s like having two personalities. One keeps defending what you’re doing but the other keeps telling that it’s not right.

It’s tiring. Very tiring. Sometime I just think, “You don’t like me? Then stay away from me. If you don’t need me, I won’t need you either and I don’t care!”

But I know the reality just doesn’t work that way.

My environment demands oneself to be caring with each other, to not be a complete introvert-melancholy, to not believe in mind-your-own-business concept, but to be very social, happy-go-lucky, and dependent.

But then again, that’s not me! I can’t be someone who I am not. Can you? Wearing a mask for some time might be okay, but for your entire life? It will only kill you softly.

Oh dear, I think I’m going crazy. 😦

I just can’t find my answer to this question just yet.

And now my head starts spinning again.

Oh no. I better stop right now.

I think I’m gonna throw up if I don’t.

Oh, dear,


Anarki di dunia game

Sekarang gw lagi ada di Ramayana, beristirahat dari 6lagu ngepump berturut2.. (Bagi yang tanya ngepump itu apa, tu lho yang mirip DDR.. Tapi panahnya 5.. Hahahahaha..)

Sekarang yang lagi menikmati mesin mulia bagi para pengidam lemak akut itu adalah 2 anak SMP-entah-mana.. Hmmmm, gw yakin banget ni kalo si mesin bisa ngomong dia pasti teriak “auuuwwww” dari awal sampe akhir.. Wkwkwkwk..

Kenapa? Yaaah, nggak apa2 si.. Cuma karena mereka nginjaknya sampe bunyi dag dug dag dug aja.. Hahahaha.. Pasti sakit juga tuh di kaki..

Eniwey, gw cuma ga ada kerjaan aja si sambil nunggu mereka berdua main.. So, kita ngobrol2 dulu aja ya.. Hahaha.. (Duh, kuping gw sakit ni gara2 denger dag dig dug-nya.. Padahal diinjek biasa aja kalo pas langsung bisa lho.) haha…

Sudahlah.. Tak baik juga saya terlalu banyak berkomentar.. Wkwkwkwk.. ehem2.. Nih gw kasi tips2 belajar pump:

1. PEDE!!! Gak peduli ada berapa banyak orang yang lagi nonton lo maen atau berapa banyak expert yang maennya sampe kaya orang gila lagi nungguin lo maen di situ, atau berapa kali lo salah nginjek, yang penting pede aja lagi! Namanya juga hiburan! Haha..

2. HINDARI ANARKI mesin pump tu sensitif kok stepnya.. Gak perlu “ditendang” kalo cuma diinjek dikit aja dia udah ngerti kalo lo mau nginjek panah yang itu. (Asal pas aja lho)

3. Enjoy the rhythm semua panah2 yang ada di lagu dibikin pas sama tempo yang ada. Lo tinggal nikmatin lagunya dan ngepasin rhythmnya aja, tar pasti bisa. Hahaha.. 😀 jangan cuma ngeliatin panahnya aja, kalo gitu tar malah bikin pusing.. 😀

4. Belajar dulu kalo lo emang barusan aja belajar pump, jangan ikutan yang udah pada gila itu yang sampe level 13 atau 21. Lo belajar aja dari level 1, 3, 5, dst.. Enjoy the song, enjoy the rhythm.. Gak perlu dihafalin. Ntar juga lama2 lo bakal bisa secara otomatis.

5. The last: Set your target and keep leveling up jangan gampang puas dengan level lo yg sekarang. Bikin target kecil. Setelah bisa lagu ini, besok harus bisa lagu itu. That’s it, and u’ll be pumped up! Hahaha..

Okay that’s all for today! Besok2 gw kasih tips lainnya deh! 😀 see yaaa!! 😀

Sabrina Bryan :p

Hello world!

Hello, everyone.

It’s still dry season here and seriously, the heat makes anger! Oh, how I hate heat! ><.

Aaanywaaayy, tadaaaaah! This is my blog. And if you’re wondering who the hell I am who dares to make this so-called-sophisticated-kind-of-scratch book–which you usually call it BLOGs–well, that’s a secret I’ll never tell. Wakakakakakak…. — GG banget nggak sih??? wkwkwkwk…

Ehem2. Enough with the jokes. Okay, so this blog contains some scratches in my head that I need to be taken out at some point. Some maybe useful but I’m afraid most of them will be useless. However, I still hope u would enjoy the useful-and-uselessness.. Wkwkwk.. ENJOY!!

Angelina Jolie ◦•¬► ngarep banget!!! Wkwkwkwk..

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